Using Google Translator Toolkit to add your language to “Google Translate”

Google Translate has been around for a while now. So, I suppose you have heard about it and most definitely make use of it in one of your web sites. However, for those who are just getting to know about it, it is basically a translation mechanism.


According to Google, Google translate provides 'automatic translations' produced purely by technology, without intervention from human translators.


When Google says Google Translate is “without intervention from human translators”, I believe they realized the limitations. So they created Google Translator Toolkit, which basically is a human contributed version of Google Translate.


In Google's words, Google Translator Toolkit helps translator translate better and more quickly through one shared, innovative translation technology. It allows human translators to work faster and more accurately, aided by technologies like Google Translate.


So, so much has been said about these powerful Google technologies. But the major question is how can I add my own locale to Google Translate? This was the same question I asked myself. After making searches hoping to find my locale listed in Google Translate, I ended up with no result, but found a way to add mine.


This article focuses on how to make use of Google translator Toolkit to add your locale to Google Translate. So, I will be describing how I get the process started and inviting you to help to contribute to this. The process involves adding 3 African languages to Google Translate, namely; Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo (Ibo). The Yoruba language has a language code specified as “yo” while Hausa and Igbo is given as “ha” and “ig” respectively. For further reference, language codes can be found at 


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