Oracle SQL*Plus


  • To connect to sqlplus, Type, sqlplus
  • Oracle automatically connects to a default database. To find out which database, Type echo %oracle_sid% or echo $oracle_sid on UNIX
  • To find out who u logged in as, Type define
  • To connect as another user to another database, you don't need to exit. Just connect as follow: connect sys as sysdba;
  • Every table in db belongs to a particular schema


Oracle basic datatypes

  • number: can hold an integer and decimal
  • varchar2: for variable characters
  • char
  • date: stores year, day, month, hour, minute, seconds
  • timestamp: stores milliseconds
  • LOB - large objects
  • BLOB- binary large objects
  • CLOB - character large objects


Editor Shortcuts

  • find out which table the current use owns: Type select table_name from user_tables;
  • To control the pagesize (something like pagination) of the query you run on sqlplus: Type set pagesize [number]
  • To rerun or re-execute a preceeding query type /
  • To know what query is in ur buffer, type l or list or just type the line number of the query
  • To change the column name of ur last query, type c/[column name to change]/[new column name]


Dynamic Scripts

  • Set linesize [number] - Set linesize for your query output
  • Set pagesize [number] - Set pagesize for your query output
  • col ename format a32 - format the column "ename"
  • col sal format $999,999.00
  • set pause on

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