How to change Regional Language on Windows

Have you ever bought a new preinstalled Windows PC and found out that the default language is not in your preferred language? Or you noticed more than one language is setup as the default language on your PC. Well, a cousin of mine experienced this so I thought I should share the solution.


To change from default language on Windows;

  • Click on Start (the little Windows icon on your taskbar) -> Control Panel
  • From the Windows Control Panel, locate the “Regional and Language Options” icon. Double click on it.
  • From the “Regional and Language Options” window, click on “Advanced” tab and select your preferred language.
  • When done, click on “Apply” and click on “OK” all the way.

Peradventure your language is not supported; you can visit to get support on how to install your language. To add East Asian language support in Windows Vista, visit


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