Good-bye Sun

Oracle + SunLooking back at the good years of Sun Microsystems, I cannot help but say thank you. Thank you to the innovation that has come out of this great organization. A great tool (Java) that can be found virtually on any device. How I wonder what the future holds for the Sun faithfuls.


If there's anyone that could do it, it would be Oracle a thousand times. IMHO, Oracle and Sun virtually share the same technologies. If Oracle largely sits on Java, then why not Oracle + Sun. Afterall, in Ellison's words, "Sun didn't make money on Java, but Oracle does (via middleware). We already know how to make money from Java." But here is the question, will Larry make Java developers pay for developing on Java?


The expectations are pretty obvious. The Identity might go through some strict scrutiny of members. More technology innovation is expected as well. Possibly, an Oracle OS launch.


Anyway, for the Sun developers, even though still exists, you will definitely be adding to your bookmarks series of Oracle websites. Your source of information would now be;

However, there are some sun websites and innovations whose fate is not yet decided. Some of which are;

The changes we see

  • On the famous website, what a drastic change! All I could see is the traditional red and gray colours.
  • No more Now
  • The end of Project Kenai


  • Will Oracle be a requirement for the late Sun products?
  • Will Oracle open up just like small-scale MySQL?
  • Won't Oracle be pushing Oracle Application Server as against the all new and improved Glassfish?

Coming from the Oracle website, you can participate and get more updates on Oracle Twitterstream @oracletechnet.


Once again, Good-bye Sun, Welcome Oracle + Sun!


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